ip allocation policy
Each and every provider in North (or South) America is governed by ARIN's (http://www.arin.net) rules on IP address allocation. As our servers are located in the US, we must follow ARIN's new stricter IP policy on the allocation of IP address space as described in RFC 2050. IP address space is a very scarce commodity that is rapidly running out and must be used with great care and adhere to the rules. IP addresses may be ONLY allocated for physical servers or cases where name-based hosting is not possible due to technological limitations not yet overcome (e.g. SSL). IP addresses may not, categorically, be allocated whereby not all are used for a valid, ARIN-mandated, purpose. Many other providers run out of their address space and are unable to get any more, as less than 90% of what they have is being used.

If you can justify any number of IP addresses, we'll gladly give them to you. All we need is your justification: explanation of why you need each one, the domain it's for, and why can't you use name-based hosting for it instead. Remember, every provider has to follow these rules. A few rogue ones who don't, generally have to later go and revoke IP addresses from their customers when they have run out and can't get any more. In the end it's all the same, and it's best to follow the rules to begin with (as we do, and urge all our customers to do also).

We examine each and every IP request to see if the domain name you need it for is currently using services such as SSL, FrontPage extensions,  etc. that require an IP.

All IP addresses - free or paid are subject to the above policy. There will be NO exceptions.